What would it cost you if any vital information were to fall into the hands of your competition? Or a former employee? Anyone who may be interested in compromising your company? Can you afford to lose a customer? Competitive edge? Could it mean a lawsuit? We can enhance your organization's information security program while saving your time, saving your money and eliminating the noise, mess, and safety concerns of operating your own shredding equipment. Proshred will help your management team create a formal plan detailing which types of information are to be kept secure and exactly how this information should be handled. This step enables management to determine how this information should be disposed of, rather than allowing each and every staff member to make these important decisions throughout their busy workday.
Proshred Concept is Convenient

  • There is no need to remove staples, clips or metal fasteners.
  • Up to 2-inch thickness, files can be disposed off spontaneously.
  • Our locked bins are accessible throughout your offices.
    Proshred Concept is Secure

  • Shredding takes place at your doorstep, you may witness the entire process.
  • Our shredder pulverizes documents into unrecognizable bits, rather than strips.
  • Your data is never hand-held or exposed to anyone including our security offices.
    Proshred Concept is Economical

  • It reduces your in-house shredding costs and frees your staff for important work.
  • Lets you upgrade your actual Secure Document standard, at no extra cost.
  • You will also save on the filing storage and free needed space.
    Proshred Concept is

  • When you deal with Proshred, you don't just ensure that sensitive information is consistently destroyed rather than overlooked, you help secure the environment as well.
  • The shredded material that leaves your premises goes directly to a facility where it is baled and delivered to recycling mills.

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